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Chocolate Truffles

Delicuous chocolate truffles are more an artform than a science. While experts may argue over the origins of the first truffle you can sit back and simply enjoy the fruits of over 100 years of chocolatiers experimentation.
We also make bespoke orders such as for wedding favours, corporate events or just because you really like a particular flavour, such as bacon.
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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  • image01Christmas Pudding

    Christmas Pudding

    Boozy pudding fruits with our signature dark ganache sealed in a thick dark and white chocolate shell with a touch of Xmas glitter

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  • image02Mulled Wine

    Mulled Wine

    Sweet and Spicey mulled wine ganache encased in a crisp dark chocolate shell. A perfect winter Treat

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  • image03Blackcurrant Cassis

    Blackcurrant Cassis

    Soft dark chocolate ganache with subtle notes of sharp and sweet blackcurrants, made with whole blackcurrants preserved in cassis

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  • image04Salted Caramel

    Salted Caramel

    Smooth caramel paired with a twist of salt, then enrobed in layers of caramel chocolate and decorated with a sprinkle of rock salt

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  • image05Deep Orange Bliss

    Deep Orange Bliss

    Dark chocolate ganache infused with the flavour of oranges then coated in sweet orange chocolate

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  • image06True Truffle

    True Truffle

    Our handrolled signature dark ganache, enrobed within layers of fine dark chocolate and finished in cocoa powder

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  • image07Sumptuous Strawberry

    Sumptuous Strawberry

    Sweet strawberry ganache made with real strawberries, enrobed in strawberry chocolate and finished with a sprinkle of sparkle

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  • image08Rum Balls

    Rum Balls

    Smooth and creamy dark chocolate ganache blended with a good dose of Royal Navy Rum and finished with milk chocolate vermicelli

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  • image09The Espresso Cup

    The Espresso Cup

    Dark chocolate cups filled with espresso flavoured ganache, capped in cappuccino chocolate and topped with nutmeg and a whole mocha bean

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  • image10Toasted Coconut Treat

    Toasted Coconut Treat

    The lightness of coconut combined with dark ganache and a touch of rum, then sealed in a smooth white chocolate and toasted coconut

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  • image11Raspberry Sensation

    Raspberry Sensation

    Tart liquor soaked raspberries swirled through dark chocolate ganache, enrobed in dark chocolate and decorated with dark pink chocolate

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  • image12Lime then Chilli

    Lime then Chilli

    Dark chocolate ganache flavoured with lime and chilli, decorated with vibrant lime chocolate stripes and chilli's. Watch out for the kick!

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  • image13Praline Perfection

    Praline Perfection

    Silky smooth hazelnut praline encased in creamy milk chocolate and finished in roasted and caramelized hazelnut pieces to excite your palette and senses

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  • image14Marc de Champagne

    Marc de Champagne

    Light and creamy truffles made with real Marc de Champagne and white chocolate for beautifully delicate flavours. Dusted with powdered sugar

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  • image15Warming Ginger

    Warming Ginger

    Dark chocolate ganache infused with a warming blend of stem ginger, spices and a dash of whiskey, finished in a generous coat of milk chocolate

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  • image16Peanut butter

    Peanut butter

    Sweet and salty crunchy peanut butter swirled through soft dark ganache and enrobed in a thick layer of milk chocolate

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  • image17Rose Cream

    Rose Cream

    These dark chocolate cases are filled with soft white ganache subtly flavoured with aromatic rose oils and decorated with real rose fragments

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  • image18Violet Cream

    Violet Cream

    Fragrant violet oil in a soft white ganache held in a dark chocolate case then topped with crystallised violet pieces

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  • image19Cherry Brandy

    Cherry Brandy

    These beautiful hand cast chocolates combine the flavours of sour Morello cherries, brandy and dark chocolates. Simply devine!

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